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Interesting breakdown of different online shopping personality styles. Understand these and what kinds of shoppers work for you and what tools/services/information to provide them & your conversions will no doubt improve:

"Retailers have typically approached marketing from a product-centric standpoint, but behavioral commerce technology now on the market enables retailers to take a more people-focused approach for giving shoppers an incentive to complete a purchase."

1. The distracted shopper: "When I shop online, I often begin the check-out process but for one reason or another I don't always complete the purchase."
2. The premium shopper: "I only buy the best. I want premium name brands with the latest features and most advanced technology."
3. The determined shopper: "I always research before I buy. I'll view the exact item I want multiple times, looking for a drop in price, or a special offer."
4. The active shopper: "I'm always browsing but not always buying. I'm not looking for incentives, but they can help me convert when I'm window shopping."
5. The free shipping hunter: "I like to buy online, but if the retailer doesn't offer free shipping, I'll leave and find a website that does."
6. The thrifty shopper: "I like to buy used or refurbished items. If I can get the same product used for much less, I'll buy it."
7. The loyal shopper: "I only purchase if I can join a rewards club or special rewards program. This often leads to me purchasing at the same stores."
8. The methodical shopper: "When I shop online, I like to browse for the exact product I'm looking for. I often use site navigation until I find that perfect match."
9. The impatient shopper: "If I don't find what I want immediately, I look somewhere else."
10. The wish list shopper: "I like to shop online, but I don't always purchase. I add everything I like to the shopping cart to see what the total price will be."

"When retailers factor shoppers' personalities and buying behaviors into their marketing decisions, everyone wins. Shoppers find products they're looking for and are rewarded with incentives that mean the most to them, and retailers don't waste money giving away huge discounts across the board.

By using a behavioral commerce platform, retailers can have a more thorough understanding of the shopping personalities of their site visitors and can maximize sales and margins by making strategic offers."

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