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From our Google Analytics page view analysis, these are the most popular news stories and articles from our website in 2011, as voted by you - the reader.

1. Mobile Research
A study piece which shows that 10% of traffic came from mobile devices, but it converts at 40% less.iPads however perform more like PCs.

2. Real world check outs with Google Analytics
An amusing video highlighting critical points in the e-commerce checkout process with reference to the real world.

3. Where e-commerce traffic comes from
An analysis piece summarising where and how online traffic will come to your e-commerce website.

4. 50 ways to increase your e-commerce sales
A 20 minute video of Roger Willcocks speaking at Meet Magento

5. Link building
Detailed article with 25 ways on how to generate links to your website

6. Online fashion sales statistics
A compendium of e-commerce statistics from Drapers

7. Hush re-platforms to Magento
News release about Hush - the lounge & pyjama wear company - moving to Magento

8. Donald Russell launches new Magento-based website

News release about Donald Russell - the online butcher - moving to Magento

9. Planning a new website
A "no holds barred" article about what you should be considering when you plan a new website

10. Magento performance & scaleability

Detailed analysis of a high volume traffic peak to illustrate Magento's scaleability

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