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Welcome email best practice [article from @OmetriaData]

Great analysis of welcome emails and their strategy from Ometria, containing lessons learned from subscribing to 60 fashion email newsletters. These  emails are important because:

  • there are lots of lovely stats to back up the argument that online retailers should take their welcome emails seriously:
  • subscribers are most engaged within the first 48 hours of signing up to a brand’s updates, so it’s important to start building a relationship immediately.
  • nearly 75 per cent of consumers expect to receive a welcome email when they sign up to your list.
  • welcome emails tend to have open rates significantly higher than other types of marketing email later down the line (often over 50 per cent)

Read the full article and follow the advice (here's the summary):

  • Is it clear from the sender/subject line which brand the email is coming from?
  • Is it obvious before opening that the email is a welcome email? Have various subject line options been tested?
  • Does the welcome email have attractive images and strong calls to action back to the online store to shop?
  • Does it link to social accounts?
  • Does it incentivise subscribers to make their first purchase with an offer or gift?
  • Have you considered setting up a series of welcome emails aimed at onboarding new subscribers smoothly?
  • Have you considered personalising welcome emails to build rapport with new subscribers?
  • Have you given subscribers the option of tailoring their emails to make them more relevant?

For  more information in our article about transactional emails in Magento.

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