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Bridging the Mobile Revenue Gap

This webinar is focused on the exponential growth of mobile shopping and the effective techniques eCommerce businesses can use to bridge the infamous mobile-revenue gap. Our speakers will cover:

The growth of mobile shopping:

  • What customers now expect from your website – a fast, unbeatable user experience across any device, irrespective of connectivity
  • How you can meet these expectations cost effectively through the use of ‘Progressive Web Apps’

We will explain in detail:

  • What is a Progressive Web App?
  • Why you should be considering one for your business
  • What are the benefits to your customers – better UX, speed, etc.
  • What are the benefits to you the merchants – easier to manage, improved SEO, etc
  • Examples of fashion & FMCG brands using PWAs including the phenomenal results they have seen online


In association with The Ecommerce Club and The Fashion Network.

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