B2C eCommerce benchmarks – Q1 2019

Posted by Screen Pages on 16/04/2019

Check out the Google Analytics benchmark data for Jan through March 2019 for B2C eCommerce websites.

The businesses indexed are limited to multichannel retailers whose online sales range up to £15 m per annum with average order values of £159. Their websites are all built on the eCommerce platform Magento (an Adobe company), on either version 1 or 2. In aggregate, this latest report tracks the behaviour of 5 million website visitors across 20 businesses.

Online retailers whose data was benchmarked include Donald Russell, Margaret Howell, Christopher Ward, Loake Shoes, Micro-Scooters, Van Dal Shoes, Herdy, Perfect Moment, Force 4, Bella di Notte, Auree Jewellery and This Works.

The data includes statistics regarding traffic sources and mobile usage, website engagement & conversion rates.

Overall KPIs Average
Average order value £159
£ per visit £1.80
Conversion rate 1.8%
Engagement/bounce Average
Bounce rate 48%
Home page bounce 19%
Traffic sources = organic search Average
% of visits 52%
Bounce rate 46%
Conversion rate 1.6%
Traffic sources = paid search Average
% of visits 16%
Bounce rate 52%
Conversion rate 2.3%
Traffic sources = email Average
% of visits 11%
Bounce rate 41%
Conversion rate 1.9%
Traffic sources = direct Average
% of visits 12%
Bounce rate 53%
Conversion rate 2.15%
Traffic sources = referrals Average
% of visits 8%
Bounce rate 50%
Conversion rate 2.15%

Stand-out out figures

  • Overall conversions ranged from 0.22% to 10.25%.
  • Average Order Values were in keeping with Q1 of 2018’s statistics at £159.
  • Paid search produced an average of 16% of all visits, converting at 2.3%. Two businesses, one in the Food & Drink industry and the other in Lingerie, enjoyed conversion rates on paid traffic of well over 8%.
  • Bounce rates (as a measure of engagement) showed a large gap between home pages (which get a lot of marketing attention) and all other pages: 19% versus 48%. Twelve merchants had bounce rates of under 50% and 5 companies, in the Fashion & Luxury industry, had average order values of over £300.
  • For two companies, the email conversion rates were well above 8%, indicating that targeted email marketing can generate revenue when executed well.

Desktop usage


Bounce on desktop %


Conversion on desktop %


Tablet usage


Bounce on tablet %


Conversion on tablet %


Mobile usage


Bounce on mobile %


Conversion on mobile %


Standout figures

  • Bounce rates and conversion rates on all devices remained on par with previous quarters.
  • While Desktop continues to bring the largest sales percentage, at 58%, it is important to note that many buyers’ journeys begin on mobile and tablet devices but are later completed on desktop. This means that website responsiveness is becoming of greater importance.

Disclaimer: Google Analytics data is not always 100% accurate.

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