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Screen Pages CEO Sarah Willcocks to present at Epsilon Masterclass

Sarah Willcocks, Screen Pages Co-owner and CEO, has been invited to present on “Key trends impacting the multi-channel retail environment” at Epsilon Abacus Masterclass on the 7th February 2018, in Central London.

Who's attending the event?

With contributions from Joe Fletcher, eCommerce Director at beauty brand This Works,  specialist print consultant Webmart and eCommerce website builders Screen Pages, this practical Masterclass walks you through the key elements of building an effective catalogue channel to support your online activity.

Free to attend, by coming along you will:

  • Find out how to develop a catalogue to drive online sales
  • Understand the right metrics for measuring your success
  • Hear from a digital expert on his experiences and tips on adopting direct mail into a digital-first business
  • know how design impacts your costs
  • discover how a catalogue establishes a connection, improves engagement and builds your brand
  • Hear how pure-play companies are integrating a catalogue to drive business growth
  • Learn tips to make sure your website supports your direct mail activity
  • Appreciate the importance of measuring Lifetime Value

Encourage repeat purchases

The challenge for most retailers is how to improve customer retention rates as statistics continue to indicate that it costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain one. Despite these statistics, most online retailers continue to focus on customer acquisition instead of retention.

With repeat shoppers accounting for 40% of online sales, it’s absolutely imperative to have a watertight strategy in place to improve customer retention. A popular way of increasing customer engagement rates amongst long time customers is to ensure your eCommerce store implements a loyalty program.

It’s important that your program does much more than just reward your customers for making purchases. A loyalty program from LoyaltyLion for example enables stores to reward customers for a wide range of actions including account sign up, newsletter subscriptions, reviews, referrals and much more.

By enabling customers to collect and redeem points against products, your store will gradually see an increase in repeat purchases as customers have a much stronger motivation to continue shopping with your brand.

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