On the 12th of November Tadhg Bowe gave a talk at the very popular Mage Titans developer conference in Manchester. The talk was titled “Migrate Data from Magento 1 to Magento 2”. Screen Pages has recently been involved with a live migration from M1 to M2.

 Tadhg’s talk focused on the issues around data migration. It started with explaining what the Magento data migration tool actually is and how Screen Pages has invested its own time to test it (with a clean set of test data). The talk then continued with how best to plan for data migration, what are the main steps involved, and how to install and run it. 

Tadhg then took a look at what happened when we tested the migration tool with some real live data, what issues we encountered and how we resolved them. Sometimes a proposed plan doesn’t always quite work out. Data can be tricky. The talk concluded with how a successful data migration was implemented for our client.

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