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Just 4% of consumers find making purchases on their mobiles to be a hassle-free experience, with loading times and product display the biggest bugbears.

Here's a summary, but you can read the full piece on e-consultancy.
Mobile commerce and smartphones
* Just 21% of the consumers surveyed had smartphones, but 81% of these consumers had used their mobiles to help them shop, compared to just 15% of non-smartphone users.
* The most common way smartphone owners use their devices is in purchasing products online through their mobile browsers (47%). After this, 40% used mobiles to read product reviews and ratings online.
* 36% went to retailers' websites to find out additional information about products, 34% compared prices online, while 28% looked for nearby retail outlets.
* 26% of smartphone users made purchases through mobile commerce apps they had previously downloaded.
Usability problems for mobile shoppers
The usabiiity problems cited by mobile shoppers demonstrate why retailers could benefit from having a mobile commerce site, since many of these problems are to do with viewing standard websites on a small screen.
* Even of the smartphone users, just 15% found mobile commerce to be a satisfactory experience, while 18% found it difficult and time-consuming.
* The most common irritation was having to zoom in and out to be able to view all of the information on the web page (47%), while waiting for images to load was a problem for 43% of consumers.
* In the payment process, the amount of input required (delivery addresses, card details etc) annoyed 38%, while 25% were deterred by the number of pages they had to click through to complete a purchase.

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