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Best of 2014: most popular e-commerce articles & posts of the year

It’s time to wrap up our weblog for another year, but just in case you have missed anything, we’ve created this handy list of our 11 most popular articles & posts covering e-commerce best practice, great stats, navigation, SEO, and loads more....The data is drawn from Google Analytics and based on page views.

1. Retail websites: Our page of "best practice" e-commerce websites that our clients use or cite as role-models

2. SEO in Magento: optimising Magento e-commerce websites for search engines

3. Where does e-commerce traffic come from: An in-depth article bench-marking sources of visitors and how to increase numbers

4. Screen Pages' portfolio: Our very own client portfolio, featuring our e-commerce work

5. E-commerce website administrator: Detailed job description & task list for managing a Magento website day-to-day

6. Email marketing: 20 great ways to expand your email database<

7. Magento transactional emails: best practice for customer engagement

8. 5 years of Magento: the evolution of our Magento business over the past 5 years & what we have learned

9. How to choose a Magento agency: what to look for, what to avoid and how to go about picking the "right" Magento agency

10. E-commerce statistics: our compendium of stats & trends on search, mobile, conversions, online marketing and e-commerce benchmarks & best practice


Happy new year!


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